Beauty: Summer Skin courtesy of Cover FX, Jemma Kidd and NARS

I think I've discovered the holy trinity of bronze, blush and highlight for my pale skin. 

We all know that summer is not my friend. I don't tan naturally and I'm allergic to the fake stuff *screams at the sky* So what do I do to look like a warmed-up albino? Well, I've not really managed it until recently. Previously, I've played with St Tropez wash-off and looked all wrong (I just don't think I'm meant to have a tan) and have searched high and low for a pale bronzing powder that doesn't contain a toddler's craft drawer-full of glitter. This search has been in vain.

Just like waiting an hour for a bus and three turning up at once, Bronzed FX popped into my life just a couple of weeks after Jemma Kidd's In Vogue blush. The two together looked great: but something was missing. Could it be that I'd finally found the perfect partners for the Oragasm Illuminator that had previously done absolutely nothing for me? I'll give you a clue: YES.

Let's have a closer look...

There's a subtle shimmer in Bronzed FX that shows in the pan but registers just enough on the skin that it doesn't look like a flat, dirty streak. This is key if you're pale!

And now for the swatches:

 I've trowelled Bronzed FX (central: I got the name wrong on the photo!) on in this swatch so you can see the depth of colour. This is going to work equally well on darker skin tones, but applied with a lighter touch, it's great for us pale girls. I've also been using this on my eyelids, which seems to pull the whole look together perfectly.

Jemma Kidd's Perfect Blush is £12, Cover FX Bronzed FX in Bronze is £25 and NARS Orgasm Illuninator is £21.50.

What are your favourite summer makeup products?

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