Be patient and tough: one day this pain will be useful to you.

Love will enter cloaked in friendship's name

To be loved, be lovable

The cause is hidden. The effect is visible to all.


Closed - Giveaway: Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps

Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps are the perfect solution for those of you craving some cute nail art without the hassle of a trip to the salon or the need to master straight lines, which, if you're anything like me, is never going to happen :) To save you even having to leave your house, I'm giving away two packs of nail wraps to one lucky winner. If you fancy your chances of winning these little beauties, all you need to do is:

1. Follow The Beauty Hall with Google Friend Connect

2. Follow The Beauty Hall on Facebook (which you can do here)

3. Leave a comment below

This giveaway is open internationally and a winner will be chosen at random on Sunday 26th May at 8pm GMT. The winner will be announced on The Beauty Hall's Facebook page, so stay tuned!

Good luck!

Beauty: Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

I'm quite excited about this. Tria has launched a new at-home hair removal laser which delivers results in as little as 90 days, and I'm going to be putting it to the test. I'm very much on the cusp in terms of hair colour, so I'm really hoping this works for me. I have convinced myself my hair is light brown rather than red, but we'll see what the laser decides! I'll be keeping you up to date on progress.

Have you tried laser hair removal? What do you think?

The Tria Hair Removal Laser is priced at £375 and is available in this lovely green and hot pink. For more info, click here.


How to: Be Your Own Stylist

If you're anything like me, you check in with your favourite style and beauty blog a few times a week. We like their dreamy images on instagram, we swoon over yet another Celine handbag and occasionally we think, 'I wish I looked like that. I wish I got to travel there. I wish Jimmy Choo sent me shoes to pose in'. This constant stream of beautiful people and beautiful things can, I think, make us all feel a little inadequate at times.

I posted recently about my style rut and I'm so pleased to report that my ASOS order was pretty successful. Of the seven things I ordered, I kept four, all of which have me totally committed to overhauling what has become a pretty drab, predominantly black wardrobe. I took a completely different approach to choosing pieces so I thought I'd share my tips in the hope that it helps you to style yourself up in a way that has you excited to get dressed in the morning.

1. Start with some inspiration

It's not hard to think of somebody whose wardrobe you'd happily raid. For me, having fifteen minutes to rifle through Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr's walk-ins would have me pretty much set for life (although I may need to shed a pound or six). My Pinterest boards are brimming with images of both of them in skinny jeans and oversized tops, teetering in perfect cigarette heel stilettos or padding around in chic flats, toting enormous handbags and wearing just the right amount of leather. With all these images in front of me, it's not hard for me to conjure ideas for my perfect off-duty outfit. 

Alongside this, ask me which item of clothing I would most like to own and I would tell you, without missing a beat, that it would be a Roland Mouret dress. A Galaxy, a Watson: I'm not fussy. Figure hugging, hourglass silhouettes are my choice for the working week every time. So, those are my basics, and they're what I hunt for every time I go shopping. And yet still I look at pictures of Chiara Ferragni and think 'why don't I dress like that?!' So, we need to make a leap of faith and...

2. Shop for yourself as though you were shopping for someone else

This is the single most important piece of advice I can give you. We all have a perception of how we look and many of us stick to the same safe pieces we feel comfortable in. Before I started my four hour ASOS scan, I wrote a shopping brief so that I didn't think of shopping for me and what I normally wear, but for a woman with the same stats as me who wanted a new look. I tried to take myself out of the exercise as much as possible, so I wrote down the following:
  • Tall
  • Red hair
  • Age 30
  • Size 8/10
  • No black!
It was initially quite tricky to steer myself away from the many black dresses, but that's where the next step comes in...

3. Save everything you like

Yes. Everything. Don't think about it: just save it. Don't tell yourself you'd never wear it, that it doesn't go with anything, that you'd look ridiculous in it. Just save it. I really only wear dresses to work, so I made sure to start with skirts and tops. This exercise should feel challenging, but that's how we get to the good stuff. I'd recommend starting your search with a site like ASOS, purely because they have so much, that their site is so user friendly, and because you can save the things you like for 60 days. This makes step four much easier.

4. Edit and be brave!

Now comes the fun part. You'll hopefully be greeted by lots of images that look something close to your dream wardrobe, unrestricted by thoughts of whether you can wear disco pants if you're a size 16 (who says you can't?) If you're lucky, you will have picked lots of things that look vaguely wearable together - this selection was random but there's a clear theme running through. Now comes the challenge. 

I haven't worn printed trousers since I was eight, but the pair on the top right were one of seven pairs I originally saved. My subconscious is speaking to me and it's saying 'I WANT SOME LOUD TROUSERS!' Speak and ye shall be heard. So, cast your judgements aside and behold:

These are the things you truly love. Preconceptions and prejudices aside, this is how you'd like to dress yourself. Now, checkout and prepare yourself for a revelatory trying-on session.

I hope this inspires your style endeavours!


CLOSED: 20% off treatments at Spa London, Ironmonger Row Baths

On a rainy April morning, Stephen and I arrived at Ironmonger Row Baths, ready to descend to the recently-renovated, subterranean Spa London. After a long working week, there is nothing more appealing to me than spending an afternoon of steam rooms, saunas and scrubs. Spa London didn't disappoint.

After three hours luxuriating in the two steam rooms (eucalyptus and peppermint-scented), the two saunas, scrubbing ourselves with ice chips, experiencing the traditional Roman bath ritual of tepidarium (warm), caldarium (hot) and laconium (hotter!), reclining (and napping, Stephen...) in the relaxation room, we then made our way to the treatment rooms. I had the Elemis Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual, which saw me scrubbed with dried coconut and coated in delicious lotions and oils, wrapped up and left with the silkiest skin I've felt in a long time. Stephen had the Ironmonger Row Baths Scrub and Wash which probably wasn't the right treatment for him, given that he's a frequent exfoliater. Although it was enjoyable, he didn't notice a huge amount of difference to the smoothness of his skin, so this is perhaps one to skip if you're a bit of a scrubber (sorry, I couldn't resist that one!)

So, onto the good stuff. Spa London at Ironmonger Row Baths have very kindly offered readers of The Beauty Hall a whopping 20% off all treatments! Yep, that includes facials, body treatments, tanning, manicures, pedicures, massage, waxing and everything in between! There's no code - you just need to book here and the discount is already applied. The offer is limited to one use per person and there is no closing date to the offer. How splendid! The offer is not valid at any other Spa London location. Entry to the Turkish Bath is not included in the cost of the treatment.

If you do go, please make sure to let me know what treatments you have! 

Enjoy x

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