Beauty: Liz Earle Colour

Oooh, oooooh! Sometimes email brings the best news! No, I haven't won a trolley dash at Jimmy Choo, nor do I think I'll be several million better off if I ping my bank details to my dear friend, the Nigerian prince. This is an entirely more beauty-related high. That's right, Liz Earle is launching a skin tint in September *scream*

You all know by now that LE is by far my favourite brand for well, just about everything, really. Since I started blogging, the number of LE products in my bathroom has steadily increased to the point where the only non-LE products I have are in there are my Jo Malone bath oil and my toothpaste (come on, Liz: surely an oral health line and branded toothbrushes aren't far off?!) That there will soon be a 'Liz Earle Colour' range is just far too exciting.

If you want to sign up to receive more information, you can do so here, but I promise to keep you posted as soon as I find out more! Are you looking forward to this launch?


Trend: Sequins

As I missed out on my friend's 30th birthday party, I'm taking her out for a glam night next Friday for some belated celebrations. Plenty of cocktails, a delicious meal, and partying until the sun comes up means one thing: a fabulous dress is needed. Enter this gorgeous little bit of glitz from Zara. It's love...

My outfit posts are looooong overdue so will get some snaps up of this one asap!


Beauty: Topiary, anyone?

Readers, I'm getting personal for a minute. Yep, it's time to talk bikini line. Ever since moving away from Manchester last year and leaving my beloved waxer behind me, I've been in a bit of a limbo. I've epilated (ouch), shaved (ingrown hairs, anyone?), Immac (whiffs) and tried wax strips (I'm hopeless). Was it mad to make a pilgrimage back North every four weeks to get the perfect finish and the gossip? I concluded 'yes' and resolved to find someone in London. Le sigh.

It was then that Ministry of Waxing came into my life. With branches in Covent Garden and on South Molton Street, they were perfectly located for a bit of post-work topiary. The bikini waxes are categorised from 'X' (a bit of a tidy up) to 'XXXX' (Hollywood), and I booked in for a 'XXX' which is a Brazilian in traditional bikini parlance.

The salons are pretty funky, and the girls at the Covent Garden branches all have amazing lashes from their sister salon, Browhaus (totally next on my list!). The waxers all go through rigorous training, so the result will be the same whoever you see, which is reassuring if your usual therapist is away.

The main selling point is the experience. You're taken to your therapist's room and they talk you through what to do, which is great for waxing virgins. It's always the little details that count, and you can't believe how impressed I am by the fact that they provide a little wet wipe for a bit of a freshen up. Regular waxees will I'm sure, like me, always carry one out of courtesy and to feel 'fresh' but the fact that MoW just put it out there is just one less thing you have to think about. The wax itself is perfect: the girls all confess to being perfectionists, so the tweezers come out to pluck any strays! They give great aftercare advice and advise you to monitor regrowth: if you suffer from ingrown hairs after the wax, they'll change the products they use next time. What more could you want?! Maybe a stress toy for those amongst you who need a distraction from the pain? Check! These girls think of everything.

Treatments start from £15, with the Brazilian priced at £39.


Body: White Tea and Toast

It's been a while, non? Life is still very up and down, and I'm hoping that blogging will help restore a bit of normality!

I have stacks of products to review, some of which have effortlessly slipped into my routine as though they've always been there. This White Bergamot body lotion from BSQ Naturals is one such product. The range won Best New Fragrance at the 2009 UK Beauty Awards and the beautiful delicate scent is probably the products biggest selling point: I find it utterly intoxicating and just so beautiful. Of course, we want out body lotions to be moisturising, and this rich formula doesn't disappoint. It's nourishing yet light, and just the perfect balance.

BSQ Naturals body lotion is available from House of Fraser Apothecary and online here for £16.

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