Body: White Tea and Toast

It's been a while, non? Life is still very up and down, and I'm hoping that blogging will help restore a bit of normality!

I have stacks of products to review, some of which have effortlessly slipped into my routine as though they've always been there. This White Bergamot body lotion from BSQ Naturals is one such product. The range won Best New Fragrance at the 2009 UK Beauty Awards and the beautiful delicate scent is probably the products biggest selling point: I find it utterly intoxicating and just so beautiful. Of course, we want out body lotions to be moisturising, and this rich formula doesn't disappoint. It's nourishing yet light, and just the perfect balance.

BSQ Naturals body lotion is available from House of Fraser Apothecary and online here for £16.

1 comment:

  1. I agree its a fantastic smell. I bought the perfume, unfortunately it doesn't seem to last very long; as in I can't smell it after a half hour! But it might just be me!


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