Reflection: Raise Your Weapon

*Puts down suitcase and switches the lights on...*

Ok, so my blog holiday didn't actually involve any kind of travel (more's the pity) but after a few weeks off, I've been feeling the lure of a bit of self-indulgent rambling. I have a stack of products to review (precariously balanced in the spare room, ready to tumble Jenga-style when I pick one out for use...), and I'll get round to all that, I promise. There have been a few fabulous discoveries while I've been away that I can't wait to share with you.

So, the non-makeup stuff. I've had a really odd few weeks that have seen a massive amount of change in my personal life. One minute things were up, the next spiralling way out of my grasp. For someone who thrives on being in control, it's been difficult to deal with, but not impossible. On the upside, that challenge of wrestling everything back into my hands has been a good one, however hard it's been to motivate myself to do that. I guess what I'm saying is that big changes always prompt a bit of introspection, a reassessment of what's important to you, and where your priorities lie. It's also a time when you really get back to yourself: you remember all those things you used to do and love, that somehow disappeared when you had more than yourself to think about (for me, rediscovering how much I love going out dancing until 4am has been my favourite). That sounds a little selfish, but when your world flips, it's good to know somebody's looking out for you!

There's a scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly applies her makeup and puts on her pearls before the letter that she knows brings bad news is read to her. Similarly, my beloved late Nana's saying: 'No matter what's going on, put on another coat of lipstick, hold your head up, and get back out there', speaks of a stoicism and a resilience in the face of adversity. Rather than let this blog and other things in my life fade into the darkness, I'm reapplying that lipstick, both literally and metaphorically, and switching the lights back on. The Beauty Hall is back in business...

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