Beauty: Liz Earle Colour

Oooh, oooooh! Sometimes email brings the best news! No, I haven't won a trolley dash at Jimmy Choo, nor do I think I'll be several million better off if I ping my bank details to my dear friend, the Nigerian prince. This is an entirely more beauty-related high. That's right, Liz Earle is launching a skin tint in September *scream*

You all know by now that LE is by far my favourite brand for well, just about everything, really. Since I started blogging, the number of LE products in my bathroom has steadily increased to the point where the only non-LE products I have are in there are my Jo Malone bath oil and my toothpaste (come on, Liz: surely an oral health line and branded toothbrushes aren't far off?!) That there will soon be a 'Liz Earle Colour' range is just far too exciting.

If you want to sign up to receive more information, you can do so here, but I promise to keep you posted as soon as I find out more! Are you looking forward to this launch?

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