Nails: Barry M Instant Nail Effects

As I'm giving away a bottle of Barry M Instant Nail Effects polish, I thought I'd better give you an idea of how the stuff looks on! As you can see from the below photo, I had great fun trying it with some of my favourite polishes....

Starting with my thumb and working across, the polishes are: Barry M Fuchsia, 17 Lasting Fix in Pink Grapefruit, Dolce & Gabbana Gold, Barry M Berry I/C, Barry M Navy.

As I'll be in the office this week, I decided on something a little more subtle than the above shades and plumped for Barry M Racing Green, one of my all time favourites. Here's the before shot...

...and now with Instant Nail Effects and a layer of topcoat (essential to brighten the chalky, matte finish the polish gives) on top...

I really love the effect it gives, although I think it's probably better with a colour that contrasts more with the black (i.e. not dark green!) Plus, because I love Racing Green so much, I keep looking at the 'before' photo and thinking how shiny and smooth my nails look! Saying that, I think this is a fantastic product, and great for creating fab nail art without having to spend hours in a salon. It's definitely something I will be playing with for the next few weeks to find the perfect partner for it.
Finally, if you haven't entered my competition to win a bottle of Instant Nail Effects, click here.


  1. I prefer it on lighter polishes. There are so many giveaways for this, inclyding mine, haha.


  2. You're right about the lighter polishes - I've already taken the green off and replaced it with lilac!

    I've seen loads of giveaways too - no wonder it's sold out everywhere!! x


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