Travel: Palma

Passeig des Borne, Palma

I know, I know: I've been gone for weeks, finally get round to posting and you're feeling a little neglected. Work has been mad, life even more so, and I've averaged about 5hrs sleep a night for the past three weeks. You're reaching for your violins, I just know it...

Skipping my pitiful plea for sympathy, forgiveness, and multiple comments telling me how much you've missed me (a girl can hope...), things are now looking a million times brighter and after a totally inspiring week at work, I'm kind of feeling like this weekend is a bit of a turning point for me. So 'yay' to that.

I mentioned in my last post that I treated myself to an SLR at the airport before we flew out to Palma. My case was already groaning under the weight of an unnecessary number of outfit options, but I have wanted one for so long with literally no time to go and pick one up, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Step forward my Canon 1000D. Entry level, baby-DSLR, but it is absolutely FABULOUS. My previous point and shoot was Canon, and although good, I just couldn't get the effects I was looking for with it, so I've been having great fun messing with all the settings, and generally acting like a mini Testino, minus the majority of the talent.

So, back to Palma. It's one of my favourite destinations. This is the fifth time I've been, and it seriously doesn't get old. The weather is great (we had three days of sun and temperatures of about 19 degrees - although of course it's changeable at this time of year), the food is fabulous, the shopping completely amazing, and the mood of the place is just so cool: laid back yet super stylish. It has everything I could want from a city break, and it takes two hours to fly from London, which is less time than it takes me to get back to Manchester. Hmm, where would I rather be?

Architecture fans won't be disappointed either. The city has an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic buildings, all of which sit in the imposing shadow of La Seu, the enormous gothic cathedral, a building of the kind of scale and beauty that you rarely see. I am a bit of an architecture geek, so was delighted to have my camera to record some of the more impressive sights.
Le Seu
I was thinking about getting into recommendations, but it's far too late for that, so instead I'll stick to photos and expect you to fall as deeply in love with the place as I am. If you go, stay at Hotel Tres and drink cocktails to the sound of birdsong in the medieval-meets-Bacchic Abaco. Friday night rose petals from the ceiling at midnight is worth the trip alone...

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  1. Palma looks gorgeous :) canon slr cameras are amazing. I have one too (or more specifically my other half does but he barely gets to use it because I always am!)


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