Inspiration: Colour Pop

Looking back on blog posts past, I've noticed a theme: everything is dark and dreary: bad Rachel. Perhaps that's suited my mood a bit this year, but 2012 needs to start with a pop, and to be specific, a colour pop! In future, you have permission to call me out when I slip into my 'but I love wearing black' comfort zone!

So, here goes: whack on your sun glasses for a little bit of my 2012 style and interiors inspiration:

Mary Katranzou's entire A/W 2011 show

Because this woman does colour and clashing like nobody else

Graham & Green and Missoni Home

I really can't justify £295 on a floor cushion, but if I stick to my resolutions, I may be making my own :)

Brights in the Boardroom

Because next year, black just ain't cutting it. This cute Christopher Kane number will keep everyone awake in even the most boring of meetings!

I'd team it with some beautiful blue jewellery like this YSL ring...

And then when the headache kicked in from all that colour, I'd check myself into the Amangiri resort in Utah to swathe myself in the comfort blanket of neutrality!

How beautiful does that resort look? I need to win the lottery...

Images: Christopher Kane dress and YSL ring - net-a-porter.com, Amangiri resort - amanresorts.com, Missoni cushion - amara.com, Graham & Green chair - grahamandgreen.co.uk, Mary Katranzou runway - style.com

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