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Last night I had my hair tidied up by Adam at Trevor Sorbie in Covent Garden. It's the first time I've been to the London salon, as I normally head back to their Manchester outpost when I'm visiting my parents. With this swishy new do, I think I'll be staying in London for future cuts! Adam explained that he is a third generation hairdresser (following both his father and grandfather before him) and his technique is so thorough and precise, it's almost hypnotic! The style is amazing and the dryness that had been creeping in has all gone. Ladies and Gentleman, I have a new favourite hairdresser.

So onto my purchase: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Nourishing Protective Oil. I have lusted after this for months but already had far too many products to justify its purchase. Since then, my haircare routine has been edited down to a select few items and I am so excited to see if regular use of this oil will help my hair on it's way to a glossy future!

It cost £32.50 for 150ml, but you only use one pump at a time, so I was advised that this bottle will last a long time. I will of course be enjoying my lovely salon blow dry for a little longer, but I will report back as soon as I use this.

I'll also be writing a more general hair health post soon, as I am astonished that I somehow managed to go 8 weeks before thinking I needed to have my hair trimmed. Ordinarily, I would be cursing my split ends at week 5, so I really think that my haircare routine is having an effect. To read up on my routine, click here, and for my advice on looking after you hair, click here.

Trevor Sorbie London can be found at 27 Floral Street in Covent Garden. For prices and appointments, go to www.trevorsorbie.com.


  1. hi im a new follower and found you from twitter x

  2. i cannot live without Ojon for my hair...find it an QVC...my hair loves it and has been in superb condition considering i bleach it and dye it pink!!

  3. Wow! It must be good if it's making your hair look fab with all that colour action! I've never tried the range but I'll have a little look now :)

    I am so excited about the Shu oil. It can also be used as a pre-wash treatment, and it smells divine. Yey for great hair products! x

  4. lol...its wicked stuff..i will be doing a review on my blog soon about Ojon. Oh i love those pre wash treatments, they get all the wax etc outta my hair first and then you use less shampoo...genius i love it xx

  5. I'll keep my eyes peeled for your review :) Yep, love a multi-tasking product, hence I finally managed to justify the outlay on yet ANOTHER hair product! And now it looks like I may need to invest in a bit of Ojon too: what a shame..! :) xx

  6. hahahahah Ojon is my desert island product i must confess. lol xx

  7. Hmm, I wonder what mine is? I'll have to have a think about that! xx


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