Makeup: NARS Pure Matte 8 Hour Challenge

This is me after the NARS Pure Matte blogger event last week with my very red lips: isn't that the most fantastically intense colour you've ever seen?!

So here's the background: I've never been a big fan of matte lipsticks. So often, they feel heavy, dry and cakey, and show up every imperfection. When I got the invitation from NARS, I was excited and intrigued to try the product as I knew that, if it had the NARS name on it, it would invariably be a fabulous addition to their already stunning range. The above photo was taken 3.5hrs after it was applied: the colour was still intense and the application remained flawless. However, it's time to put this lippy through it's paces and so (drumroll please!) tomorrow I will be updating you on the NARS Pure Matte 8 Hour Challenge that I undertook today! I applied it first thing this morning and then went about my day: eating, drinking, talking incessantly, as well as catching a nasty air-conditioned train back to London. Let me tell you, the results are GOOD!

How do you feel about a matte lip? Is this a product you've bought or are considering investing in?


  1. The colour looks really good considering how long you had it on for! I saw your tweets about this today and look forward to hearing your further thoughts on it x

  2. Hi Charlotte :) I was hoping to write the review of the lipstick today, but after being stuck on the tube for 40 minutes on my way home, the best I can manage tonight is drinking my glass of wine!

    All told, I've worn the lipstick for 8hrs today and only reapplied twice! Not too much dryness so I'm really impressed. Are you a matte lipstick wearer? x

  3. The colour really suits your skintone. It sounds like an impressive lipstick! I've got a matt lippy from Revlon, but it's very dark, so I rarely wear it x

  4. Thank you! The only matte lippy I'd tried prior to this was a MAC one and I absolutely hated it: so drying!

    I agree that darker colours aren't an everyday thing for me, if only from a practical point of view. I was pretty preoccupied today that I was smearing the red all over my face everytime I took a drink! There are some lighter colours in the range (I'll post the images tomorrow) which are really pretty and wearable, and I have to say, I'm very tempted! x


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