Long time, no post!

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I am SO sorry for not having posted lately. I started my new job three weeks ago and it's going brilliantly, but keeping me very, very busy. I've found myself leaving the office at 6.30pm, arriving home an hour later armed with a Thai takeaway and then been fast asleep by 10pm! Oh the glamour! Anyway, I've started to feel a bit more human this weekend, so I'm just hoping you haven't all forgotten about me.

So, over the next few weeks, we've got Christmas gifts, skincare, shopping and plenty of gorgeous things to lust over. Normal service has resumed!

Also, I'm having a bit of a sale and have got a few bits on ebay, including the dresses above and some Lancome and Giorgio Armani foundations (about half used). Click through here if you fancy a bargain!



  1. The second dress is really so pretty. It looks great on you :)

  2. The first dress is very S.J.P, adore it! x

  3. Thanks, ladies! You're making me think I shouldn't sell them :) x


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