Style: City Break Shopping

In ten short days, my boyfriend and I are off to Palma, Mallorca to celebrate his birthday. It's one of my favourite places for a short break: a beautiful city with great food, fabulous shops, good weather and lovely beaches nearby. Ok, so at this time of year, it'll be more about strolling on the beaches rather than sunbathing, but still, you get the idea!

Despite the fact that I will be doing a lot of shopping when I get there, I decided I was very much in need of a few new items to take with me. I've been going through a bit of a protracted style revamp over the past year, and it's really taking me quite some time to work out exactly what I want. Since coming across my new favourite blog, The Blonde Salad, I've found so much fantastic style inspiration that I hopped over to Asos last night and picked up the following for my trip. All images are from the Asos site:

These fabulous leather trousers, on sale at £60!

A super cute, dip-back black t-shirt...

I used to love a printed t-shirt in my late teens, and decided it may be time to return to this trend. My boyfriend said I can have this as long as he's the one I run away with! Hmm, unless Mallorcan native Rafa Nadal wants to sweep me off my feet, it's a deal!

This dress has the potential to be way too short (like every dress I've ever bought from Asos - at 5'7, I'm not that tall!), but I think it's too cute not to try.

These earrings are not at all my usual style, but I was so drawn to them that I thought I may just give them a whirl!
It's all being delivered tomorrow, so I'll keep you posted on whether I end up keeping any of it! I'm still contemplating whether to start posting some outfit photos, so let me know whether this is something you'd like to see here x


  1. I love that dress!
    I think it'd be great to see some outfit posts. I like to read/see ootd posts as they help give me ideas of outfits I could put together. xx

  2. I am gutted I missed on the leather pants! DAMNIT! My size isn't available anymore!

  3. That dress is gorgeous, what a fabulous buy! xx

  4. i LOVE the dress and suprisingly the earrings! I would love to see outfit posts (mainly for inspiration) hope you have a lovely break =) xx

  5. I like the cute Peter Pan-like dress, very fit for pixies :-)

  6. I like this collection.
    Dress is gorgeous.

  7. I just bought that exact same printed "run away" top from asos =D
    i love the skirt ^^ x


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