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Oooh, just a quick and very excited post to say that in a week's time, I am going to have moulds taken for Invisalign braces: YAY!

Last year, I went for a consultation with an orthodontist who told me Invisalign wouldn't work for me, and that I needed to go with a different system that would cost £7000. No way! I went to see Dr Michael Akere at the London Bridge Dental Practice (recommended by Laura of lollipop26) who said Invisalign will be perfect and at half the price, who am I to argue?

Having perfect teeth has been something I've wanted for so long, but at 28, the idea of metal braces was really off-putting, so you can imagine how great I'm feeling tonight. Now I can't stop smiling, perfect teeth or not!

I'm thinking about doing an Invisalign diary so you can see how my treatment is progressing: is that something you'd like to see?


  1. What a great idea! I've already had braces but my teeth have sadly moved again. I think keeping a diary is an excellent idea. I'd like to know what it's like and perhaps consider it for the future x

  2. Oooh how exciting - I'm really interested. I wonder if the progress will actually be noticeable as it goes along as it's quite a subtle process isnt it?

  3. Definitely do a diary or at least take photos and stuff and then do a post at the end of your treatment. How exciting! I spoke to my (gorgeous, delicious, sexy, omg I want him) dentist about braces and he said I could just have one on my lower jaw. If I had the money I'd definitely be tempted as I hate my wonky bottom teeth! I wish you the best of luck - perfect teeth will soon be yours! xx

  4. I think I'll definitely try to keep a diary as, if nothing else, I really want to see the progress (which you can apparently see from as little as six weeks in!) The trays are worn for two weeks at a time, with each one a progression from the last, so theoretically, I should see changes fairly quickly.

    Laura, just think: if you do get braces, you'd get to see your dentist so often! Definitely an incentive! xx

  5. definitely do more posts on it please, gonna follow you :)

  6. That sounds like a great idea!

    I've got a lingual brace on at the moment. I was given the option of invisalign though.

    Do let us know how you get on ;-)


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  7. Yay for getting Invsalign :)
    I had metal braces when I was younger, but my teeth have now moved so I really want to get Invaslign to sort it out.
    I'd love to see more posts about your experience with it/an Invsalign diary.

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