Skincare: By Terry Baume De Rose Review

By Terry's Baume De Rose is one of those products that seems to come with its own gravitational force for lip product obsessees like me. Ever since Laura of lollipop26writes declared it her go-to balm, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I caved in and bought one myself.

And so it was that I wandered into a packed Space NK last weekend and chalked up my first By Terry purchase. My Mum was visiting for the weekend and, as we were both suffering a bit of winter lip chappage, we got home and dipped into the gorgeously luxe pot for our first rose-scented applications. The balm smells divine, is long wearing and adds a subtle lustre to lips. It is suitably slippery for the grease-addicted amongst us, but not in the least goopy: the perfect balance!

The next morning, we compared notes on the balm's overnight performance: the uncomfortable cracked corners of both our mouths were markedly improved, and Baume De Rose was declared a success.

A week on, and I'm about a fifth of the way through this pot, which is probably something close to reckless considering its £32 price tage. I'm disappointed to say that, despite numerous liberal applications both day and night, my lips still feel uncomfortably dry when I wake up in the morning, although I've happily bid farewell to the cracked corner of my mouth that was both painful and not particularly glamorous! Consequently, I will be returning to Burt's Bees for my daily staple lip balm, and By Terry will sit bedside for occassional use. It seems strange that it worked for me on a more extreme issue but that it doesn't provide enough comfort to be used on a daily basis, but I guess everything has its purpose! I'm not sure that I would rush to buy this again, as I think there are plenty of cheaper products that deliver equal if not better results for daily use. Sigh. I was really hoping this would be my perfect balm.

That means my search continues for the perfect everyday lip balm continues, and all recommendations will be gratefully received! So come on, ladies: what are you lip balm loves?


  1. Good old Germolene is the thing you need to prevent and heal those cracks at the corners of your mouth. I swear by it! You might find that taking Vitamin B and Iron supplements helps too as it's a sign of a deficiency in these vitamins. x

  2. I suffer from terribly dry lips, especially in the winter. At first, I thought I adored the By Terry Baume de Rose, because on first application it did wonders for my sore lips. But as you say, it doesn't work as well on a day to day basis :( At the moment, I'm using the Blistex relief cream, but I wouldn't even recommend that for day to day use. Going to take La's advice and stock up on some B vitamins!

    Have a great christmas Rachel!


  3. I like good old vaseline :-) now with cocoa butter and also fig and rouge rose - yum yum and miles cheaper than Terry!

  4. The B vits and Iron are on my shopping list - thanks, Laura!

    I've always used vaseline but its not at all moisturising when you really need it. I'm going to try Liz Earle's balm next: everything else is perfect, so I think it's my next best hope!

  5. I also bought this product based on lollipop26's review (love her!) I only use it at night as £32 for an everyday lip balm is a little steep :) I've been using it since last November and I've noticed a huge difference to my lips. For my everyday lip balm, I use Body Shop Lip Butter/8 Hour Cream/Bloom Aromatherapy x
    p.s. this is my first visit to your blog & it's fabulous! x


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