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I went shopping today after dropping my boyfriend off at the station. He's spending NYE in London while I stay with family in Manchester, so after saying goodbye, I consoled myself with a bit of retail therapy. Urban Outfitters was crazy busy, but I found a quiet spot and had a flick through some of the books, and decided on my style reading list for 2011.

All the images are courtesy of amazon.co.uk where you can buy both of these stylish tomes.

Face Hunter
The Sartorialist

I love nothing more than looking through style and design books on a rainy weekend, so I am really excited to receive these when I return to London in January!


  1. Great books, darling!!
    I have actually bought Lauren Conrad's style book and I am really curious to see if it is really worth all the hype! It hasn't arrived yet, though.
    I am a happy new reader here on your blog, XOXO
    and Happy New year 2011,

  2. I do love her style. You'll have to let me know whether it's worth getting.

    So glad you're enjoying the blog :) I've just clicked through to yours and looking forward to have a good read! xx


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