Style: Leather Shorts

After much procrastination this morning, I eventually decided to brave the sales, and boy, am I pleased that I did. Selfridges was completely packed, with people queuing for the Gucci and Chanel concessions, and I saw about 30 women jostling to grab what they could of the reduced YSL makeup. Deciding that I had neither the desire nor inclination to fight for lipstick or handbags, I headed upstairs where I stumbled upon the most wonderful and unexpected sale bargain I think I have ever found. A pair of black leather shorts from Theory.

Aren't they just the cutest? If you'd asked me this morning whether I'd be up for investing in a pair of leather shorts, it's highly likely I would've said 'no'. I've never looked in my wardrobe and thought, 'you know what's missing here? LEATHER SHORTS!' and yet here I am, the proud owner of the butteriest bum cover I've ever seen.

I also bought some fab skinny jeans from Goldsign which just fit so perfectly, that they may quickly become my go-to jeans brand. All in all, a very successful trip!

I've also made a decision about blogging in the new year. I spend so much time reading fashion blogs, shopping, and playing dress up, that I've decided I'm going to take the plunge and start including more fashion-related posts here. This means buying a new camera, and also convincing my boyfriend to photograph me (as well as learning to be confident in front of the camera) but its something I really want to try out. There will still be plenty of beauty posts, but I want to make this blog a true reflection of the things I love, hence the little move to a slightly more fashiony angle. Let's see what the new year brings, but I hope you'll enjoy what I come up with!

And if you've bought anything fabulous in the sales, it goes without saying that I want to hear ALL about your purchases! x

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