Skincare: Nubo Cell Dynamic Stimulating Moisturiser

Given that everything as far as the eye can see is sitting under a blanket of snow, I thought I'd get in on the act and sit under my favourite winter white blanket while I catch up on blogging. I managed to catch the last train out of London yesterday so I'm happily tucked up at my parents' house and feeling very relieved that I will be spending Christmas at home! I hope your plans aren't being disrupted by the cold weather.

So here I am, with an enormous pile of products in my eyeline to make sure I get through as much as humanly possible today!

First on my list is a bit of a luxury cream in the form of NuBo's Cell Dynamic Stimulating Moisturiser SPF 20. With it's £135 price tag, I had very high expectations, and I am pleased to say I'm not disappointed with the product. The packaging is beautiful, sleek and ever so slightly space age. Let's hand over to NuBo for the description:

NuBo Cell Dynamic is a critically acclaimed super-powerful complex which activates cells to rejuvenate your skin. The innovative energy recycling system tackles anti-ageing on two fronts – crucially focusing on both the causes as well as the visual external effects.
Traditional anti-ageing formulas force your skin to work over-time to generate collagen and elastin - ultimately producing damaging waste toxins and free radicals as bi-products. This results in a sluggish metabolic cycle and skin resumes its tired and aged look.

The unique NuBo Cell Dynamic patented formula goes beyond traditional anti-ageing approach. It re-invigorates your skin – not only fighting the damage caused by external free radicals but going much deeper too, inside skin-cells.

NuBo Cell Dynamic advanced energy-recycling technology eradicates blocking toxins and radically improves the metabolic cycle to clear a pathway for effective delivery of bio active boosters creating a cycle of a self-maintained rejuvenation.

Beyond all this, it's free of parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, colours and fragrance. All round, it sounds pretty good, doesn't it? And, you know, it really is. My skin looks instantly radiant when I apply it, and over the past five weeks, I have definitely seen a bit of an improvement in my skin. I say a bit, because I don't currently have any major skin ageing concerns, although at 28, it's definitely something that I want to keep on top of. Would I spend another £135 on buying this again? I really love it, but I think my skin is still a little too young to see drastic results, although I will definitely go back to this when I'm starting to see the first of the fine lines that I'm certain aren't too far away! Saying that, its plumping and firming qualities make me wonder how long I'll be able to resist purchasing when this bottle runs out, and I will certainly want to try other products in the range. This will be a fantastic buy for women in their early to mid 30s and beyond, and I guarantee you will absolutely adore it. Everything about this product says 'luxury' and it gives considerably better results that say, Armani's Crema Nera, which I have previously raved about (which, incidentally, is double the price!)

Have you tried this brand, and do these high end luxury creams appeal to you, or are they simply just too expensive to justify?

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