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Sale shopping. We plan the day with military precision, put on our comfy shoes and prepare for battle. Your style inspiration is selected, you vow to buy a few classic investment pieces and some solid basics. In your head, you will leave with armfuls of purchases that would have Emmanuelle Alt asking you for style tips. But rather than making those few classic buys, many of us walk away from the sales with clothes that make us look less like this...

...and more like something from the John Paul Gaultier World Traveller collection. Sorry JP: I just didn't get this one.

So, to avoid scary sale buys, here's my pick of what I'll be hoping to get my hands on come Boxing Day.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy bag, now £87.50 from £175

Marc Jacobs bags are such a great buy. The leather is fabulous, and the styles so classic and wearable. This was great value at £175, but at £87.50, it'd be rude not to.
Draw In Light dress, now £91.20 from £228, Liberty

I love this dress. So easy and chic, and perfect with a leather cuff, a cute jacket and some
fabulous chunky heels.
Manolo Blahnik shoes, now £220 from £440
Classic, gorgeous, perfect. I can't wait to get back to London after Christmas in the hope that there's a pair of these left in my size. Please, Santa...
1st image courtesy of jakandjil.com, 2nd from style.com and others from Liberty.

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