Skincare: Bloggers' Breakout - urgh!

Over the past few weeks, I've been getting more than my fair share of breakouts. Work is a little more manic than usual, which could account for some stress-related spots, but I seem to consistently have a new spot on the go; something that I'm not used to and definitely not happy about.

It occurred to me that maybe this is related to how many product I've been using since I started blogging. I'm testing skincare products and routines so often that maybe my skin is rebelling and longing for the good old days when I got home and watched Corrie rather than spending the evening slapping multiple lotions and potions onto my skin. Henceforth, this skin situation shall be known as a 'Bloggers' Breakout' and it must be stopped. And never let it be said that we bloggers don't suffer for our art!

So, onto business. Unfortunately, this is not a photograph of me, but of the gorgeous supermodel, Karolina Kurkova. Her photo is here for one reason alone: her skin. Isn't it flawless?

Not only is Ms Kurkova very beautiful, she is also quite generous with her skin care tips. She gave an interview in one of the UK glossies (Vogue, if memory serves) a few years ago, where she noted that she tries to steam her face for 5-10 minutes everyday. At the time, I decided to incorporate daily steaming into my routine and promptly dropped it two days later, probably believing it was too much of an effort. Is skin like that ever too much of an effort?!

Inspired by Fee of Makeup Savvy, I am now commencing my conversion to Karolina's routine and will be steaming my face for five minutes every day for the next week, followed by cleansing with my Liz Earle C&P and toning with Boots Glycerin & Rosewater. Karolina also advises that when you're tired, stressed or it's that time of the month, a splash of lemon juice on the skin will brighten it no end. Who am I to argue with a supermodel?

So, what is it about steam? The not particularly sciencey science bit is that steam opens the pores, allowing your cleanser to get right into your pores to attack all the nastiness that lurk down there. It also makes extraction much easier, but I personally think that's best left to the professionals. If you suffer from sinus congestion like I do, a teaspoon of good old Vicks Vaporub stirred into the water will provide some temporary clearance on a particularly stuffed-up day, which is a nice bonus. To steam your skin, fill a bowl a third full with boiling water (ideally, use a bowl with a diameter of about 10 inches - a mixing bowl is perfect), allow to cool for a minute and then hold your face above the steam, covering your head with a towel that drapes over the bowl to create your own mini sauna. Stay in there for a minimum of five minutes and then cleanse, splashing your skin with cool water when you've finished. Tone and mositurise as normal.

Stay tuned for results next week! I'm sure I'll look more like Karolina every day...

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  1. I look forward to hearing you get with your new regime. I'm rubbish at steaming my face as I always a little claustrophobic under the towel. Plus it gets a little boring staring at a bowl full of water. I really admire your dedication to clear skin :D xx

  2. It is rather boring, I have to admit. I had a report to read for work yesterday and I am so sad that I actually kept clearing a patch of steam from the pyrex bowl I'm using so that I could read through it! Now that's multi-tasking! xx

  3. Now that really is dedication!

  4. Ah love the Blogger Breakout phrase! It's also nice that have inspired you even if it's a just a teeny bit!

    Really like the idea of steaming...and I do, do it on and off but like ModestyBrown mentioned - it can be very boring!
    But if you wake up one day with the skin of Karolina Kurkova please do tell me and I will also be steaming my face daily!
    Really hope it works for you :)

    Fee x

  5. Hi Fee

    Yes, consider me very much inspired by your new minimalist routine! I am completely convinced that my skin has been rebelling against all the products I've been using, so I have definitely cut back on the masks and heavier creams. It already seems to be making a difference!

    Looking at a bowl full of water is not the most stimulating part of my day, I have to confess, but as work is so mad, it's actually been really nice to take five minutes out to just switch my brain off. Saying that, when the phone starts ringing half way through, I'm tempted to just stick my head under the water!

    Hopefully Kurkova skin is only days away (I wish) so I'll keep you updated!

    Rach x


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