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I am a really big fan of style blogs, particularly street style portraiture. I adore high fashion but there is something in me that isn't satisfied by the bi-annual stomping of the runways. I love to see designers' creativity and extravagance, but so often, the pieces are not easily translated into everyday outfits (Phoebe Philo, the high priestess of chic, wearable pieces is definitely not who I'm thinking of here!) Similarly, as soon as a trend really takes hold, it's the last thing I want to invest in, and I am the first to consign a piece to the back of the wardrobe when I start to see everyone wearing the same outfit!
Recent casualties include my once-beloved Breton top. Despite it being easy and chic, it's also now sported by half the population of London on a daily basis, and I don't want to be one of the many walking humbugs of London Town. The Breton is unusual in that it transcends age and gender: I've seen men, women and children sporting them, and wouldn't be surprised if there are little pooch-sized Bardot uniforms for fashion forward canines. I just hope they come complete with mini blonde wigs!
To escape this repetitive parade, one has to look further, and that's where the street style blogs come in: one of my favourite sites is NAST by Sophie Arancio. Sophie takes the most incredible photos, and has a great eye for all things stylish. Unlike other similar blogs, she manages to capture a broad range of styles, giving the blog a really chic aesthetic, but not easily definable as one particular style (unless 'great' style can be a category on its own!) The people she photographs have incredible style, and seem to have that natural ability to string together a range of disparate pieces to create something magical. Sophie's composition is gorgeous, and I can happily get lost in her site for hours!

If you're looking for some style inspiration, or just want to look at some fantastic photography, make NAST your first port of call. Thanks, Sophie!
All images courtesy of NAST

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