The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree

Do you ever wonder where your make up and beauty product obsession comes from? In my case, it's not hard to see: behold, a small selection of Mama Beauty Hall's products!

Notice all the Estee Lauder? Well, that collection has expanded drastically today after we returned from our shopping trip with their fabulous Re-Nutriv gift! The products are so gorgeous and luxe - I will definitely be trying a sneaky application later this evening!

It's so nice to share our passion for beautiful products, and I am delighted that, after trying it this morning, she loved Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish as much as me. It went straight onto our shopping list, and she bought one for herself and one for my Aunt: there is no greater feeling for a beauty blogger than when someone has great results from a product that you recommend!

As for me, I got a couple of lovely things for my birthday on Monday which I'll be updating you on later!


  1. I often wonder where mine comes from, as the only bit of make up my mum wears is Max Factor Pan stick and Mascara ha. She literally has 2 items in her make up bag.

    I guess my love for make up comes from not having any to play with when I was little haha. As soon as I started getting my own money, I was buying make up.


  2. I think there must be a make up gene that some of us are just born with :)

    Good on your Mum for being a beauty minimalist: I have tried in vain to get a nice, streamlined kit, but I am much happier when I have an entire wardrobe of products to play with!



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