Lust of the week: Elephantine Jewelry

For the past month, my poor boyfriend has been asking what I'd like for my birthday, which is now a mere week away. He always picks the most fantastic presents, but this year, I've been procrastinating about what I want and he's imposed a deadline of tomorrow for me to decide on a gift. Happily, I stumbled on Elephantine Jewelry this evening. Yes, I want to write 'jewellery' but I am supressing my English pedantry and sticking to official branding!

Elephantine is the creation of Rachel Blakley, a Seattle-based jewellery designer who produces divinely simple and elegant jewellery. Her pieces look so utterly tactile, with beautiful curves that are so chic, they need only a simple white t-shirt as a backdrop.

I have my eye on these necklaces as well as few other pieces, but I'll have to wait until the 17th to see what he chooses!

Rachel's creations can be purchased here and you can view her blog here. All images are from the Elephantine Etsy shop.


  1. Those necklaces are so pretty. I especially like the third one :)

  2. You're right, the third one is just gorgeous and so delicate.

    I finally decided on which ones I want and so my boyfriend has ordered the second and third ones: I can't wait to get them! :)


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