MAC splurge - help required!

Happy weekend! I hope the sun is shining where you are today and you're enjoying a lovely, chilled out Saturday. I'm off to see my very pregnant friend Laura this afternoon as she's rather too bumplicious to enjoy my birthday dinner this evening. And because I am a very lucky girl, she has baked a cake for me, so we'll be having lovely homemade treats and tea while we catch up today!

Now, onto business. It's my birthday on Tuesday, and part of my present from my boyfriend is a trip to MAC to get my make up done, and to get lots of lovely new products. One of his friends is a make up artist at the Covent Garden store, and she has promised to spoil me and make me look super glam for our dinner on Tuesday evening. Yey!

I already have a fair bit of make up from MAC, but the massive range of colours always overwhelms me when I go in there, and I find myself coming out with pretty much the same shades that I always wear. Therefore, I'm asking for your help in giving me some recommendations. I've already got Paint Pot in Bare Study on my list, but want some neutral eye shadow and lip shade suggestions, please. Post your favourites in the comments below and if you recommend something that I end up buying, you will win a MAC treat as a thank you! In order to be eligible to win, you need to be a follower of the blog.

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  1. I think 'Lovelorn' is a gorgeous subtle? lipstick but still gives a gorgeous colour, also 'Faux'. For eyes, I'd say 'Quarry', 'Gleam', 'Club' and 'Honesty' are all gorgeous colours.

    You're a lucky chickadee getting your makeup done by MAC, please post some photos when it's all done for us to lust over, and have a fab birthday :):)


  2. Thanks, Luce! I'm going to be really sad when I get home later and will be starting a little spreadsheet of recommendations, as I'm already getting so excited about having a good old mess around with some new shades :)

    Will definitely post some photos next week. Oh, while I remember, can everyone posting a comment become a follower of the blog, please: it will make contacting the best recommender much easier! xxx

  3. Eyeshadow: Kid and Wedge are lovely, but Copperplate is my all time favourite. Lip colour: Honeylove is a great nude, Speak Louder is my perfect pink, and Brave Red is...just that! Also look at Quite Natural paint pot, and the Indianwood one too. Have a great time, and Happy Birthday! Kathrine xxx

  4. Ooo... how did I miss this! hehe.

    Eyeshadow definitely Patina. God I use that shade every single day. I also use Satin Taupe a hell of a lot and Vanilla every day too.

    Lipstick wise Hue is a great neautral colour, as is Angel. Im not sure how you feel about nudeish lips but Creme de nude is gorgeous!

    Hope you have a lovely Birthday hunny.


  5. Glad you got in here, Jo! I knew you would have some good recommendations! And how nice was the sun today?! I was so shocked that I actually got nice weather for a weekend at home. Hope you enjoyed it :)

    Crap news: my boyf's friend is ill so hopefully I'll be able to get my make up done at another MAC store. It's only a Tuesday so can't imagine it'll be super busy anywhere! Will keep you posted on my purchases, and thanks for all the recommendations so far!



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