The bandwagon needs some new wheels...

I am not a girl with sufficient willpower to resist hype. If a product promises something that Mother Nature neglected to add to her 'Rachel Recipe', you can bet your Birkin that I will be in the queue.

Saying that, it's a convoluted train of events. First, the product is hyped by beauty eds and I am intrigued. What then begins is a stealthy few weeks of product research and by that, I mean vast consumption of reviews, reviews, reviews. I eat them up, and it is of course, the primary reason we're all here. I trust the Nicola Moulton's, the Edwina Ings-Chambers and the Newby Hands of this world, but what I also want is a dedicated blogger who I know has used that product for a good few weeks before she gives it her seal of approval. Like most of us, I want to know whether the average girl on the street thinks that this product is worth parting with her hard-earned cash for.

I used to work for the dermatologist who developed and trialled Boots' Protect and Perfect, the first beauty product to undergo such an extensive and rigorous clinical trial. As Professor Griffiths said at the time of launch, Boots took a huge risk in asking him to lead such a large clinical trial, because if the product had failed, it would have been pretty difficult to let it slip quietly into the night. Of course, what happened is that they proved that they had developed a medical-grade product that is so effective, it could have been listed as a medicine, and I have been a dedicated user ever since.

So, back to the point of this post and a confession that, since Laura of Lollipop26 has been popping HairSublim and silica pills to enhance her hair growth and condition, I have found myself unable to resist their pull, and today is my first day of taking them. It's recomended that the tablets are taken for 3 months before results are visible, but I am hoping that they kick-start my hair growth, which is currently considerably slower than glacial movement. I'm scepticle about any significant changes, but of course, I live in hope. When I told my boyfriend, he said he'd call the snake oil salesman - a reference to my inability to resist wild promises, apparently. Unsurprisingly, he was less dismissive when I told him that I was contemplating trialling Pupa's Breast Enhancer which claims to increase breast size by up to a cup. Men!

Are there any products out there that you've been unable to resist the hype for? More importantly, did they work?!

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