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Wow, the pre-birthday weekend has left me feeling exhausted! I've spent the morning in the garden with my folks, soaking up this very welcome sunshine - a rarity in Manchester. It's been a brilliant weekend and I'm really sad to be heading back to London so soon (although I know there's plenty of fun in store for me when I get there!) Happily, I've managed to catch up on all my blog reading today, so here's my round-up of things I'll be doing this week:

Using a toner: I have just discovered The Beauty Mouth blog, and am devouring (excuse the pun) the advice dished out by the lovely Caroline. She's written a fantastic post on the importance of using toners, and I am heading straight out to buy one of her recommendations. Since I've been using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and Bliss Steep Clean, I have been getting a few breakouts, which is a little unusual for me. I'd previously put this down to my skin purging all the badness, but having read Caroline's advice, I think it may be down to the fact that I am not redressing the balance of my skin after using some fairly heavy duty cleansing products! Check out her advice here.

Eating!: I think you'll all have realised by now that I love food, and these peanut butter crispy bars from the Smitten Kitchen look like such a naughty but amazing treat. I am sure that I'll make them and quickly devour the entire tray, but surely indulgence is a key component of any birthday celebration?!

Adopting 'the claw': No, this is not a foray into wild animal care but a technique I've observed on two great blogs, involving massage with a rather witchy-looking hand! Ruth of A Model Recommends has recorded a brilliant series on general body gorgeousness, and shows off a great technique for reducing the appearance of pesky cellulite. A similar claw is demonstrated as a 'tool' for facial massage at The Beauty Mouth, so I will hopefully be pummeling myself towards a better body and brighter face this week!

Getting creative: Fee at Makeup Savvy is a wonder at creating amazing nail looks, and she's inspired me to think a little more imaginatively about my weekly at-home manicures. I love her version of the YSL French manicures and will keep you posted on what I manage to create. You should expect a lot less precision from me than you see in Fee's work!!
Finally, don't forget that I still need your recommendations for best MAC lip and eye neutrals for my shopping trip tomorrow. All you need to do is sign up to become a follower and then post your comment here for a chance to win a MAC treat! Hurry, though: only 24 hours to go!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention...however I really never believe that I am very good at nails! Just a steady hand!

    Make sure to tweet me if you try the YSL manicure :)

    Fee x

  2. Oh, Fee, you are brilliant! They all look so great and I love the ideas you have - especially loving the graded grey :)

    I got back from my epic train journey back to London about 10 mins ago so I think my hand will be much steadier in the morning!

    Hope you're feeling better, too.



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