Male Grooming: Dear Boyfriend, Men ARE Useless, Love The Beauty Hall

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My boyfriend doesn't read my blog because, in his words, he's 'not interested in girly beauty products'. That's fine, because his political blog makes me want to pluck out my eyelashes. Well, not quite, but trust me, it's not the same as reading about the latest lipstick shades!

Anyway, last night I noticed that Men Are Useless, the genius male toiletries delivery company, are following me on Twitter and this prompted me to explain to The Boy what they do after reading about them on London Beauty Queen's blog. Now, The Boy is a professional soap boxer: he loves politics, works in policy and loves nothing more than a good rant (I'm painting a bad picture, but he is divine, I promise). "Men are useless?" he begins. "That's a ridiculous idea! When have I ever run out of anything?!" Although he will never read this, here follows a list of what my beloved has run out of, and the substitutes he has found that belong to me, normally at five times the cost of his own products:

  • Boyfriend ran out of Neutrogena face scrub and replaced it with my Clinique Sparkle Skin BODY scrub (yes, you read that right: body scrub. Plus he used half a tub in five days. Half a tub on a human face, I ask you...)

  • Boyfriend ran out of Head and Shoulders and continued to use my Pureology Hydrate shampoo, like you can just pop to Boots and replace it, maybe even getting it on 2 for 1 if you're lucky

  • Boyfriend occasionally buys a face mask sachet from The Sanctuary. Since I bought Bliss Steep Clean, he somehow finds time for a facial every week

  • Boyfriend has never before been interested in eye cream, but he sure does like to use my Espa 24hr Eye Complex
Do we see a theme here? Supermarket basics vs high end luxury: the nerve of him!!! Now, I am more than happy to share the love, but as we have a joint account for our bills and shopping, I'm seriously considering using it to buy my products, seeing as he gets so much use out of them. He may not always run out of razor blades and shower gel, but I know one boy who would certainly benefit from an upscale delivery of products from Men are Useless, possibly entitled 'Men really are interested in girly beauty products: just shut the bathroom door and don't tell anyone!' Oh, and as long as I can borrow them, too!

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