The working-at-home wardrobe

Some of you have written to me requesting 'outfit of the day' type posts, and as my camera USB is on holiday (read: lost) at the moment, I thought I would show you an example of what I like to wear when I'm working from home.

The lure of pyjamas is all too great when you only have to step out of bed and wander down the hall to find your desk, but for me, the thought of spending a week in my jim-jams makes me feel more 'patient' than 'professional'. For me, it's all about striking the right balance between comfort and style, and looks a little something like this...

This is a selection I pulled together earlier this year of soft, slouchy pieces contrasted with tailored basics. These pieces absolutely reflect the style I like to wear when I'm working chez moi: comfortable and relaxed enough that I don't feel over-glam, but also appropriate enough that I don't flee in terror if there's a knock at the front door!

All images are courtesy of net-a-porter.com and topshop.com and as most were pulled earlier this year, they may no longer be available.

Once my USB has returned from its break, I'll be sure to photograph some actual outfits!
Clockwise from top:

1. L'Agence Black Jersey T-shirt dress
2. Tapeet Crochet Sandals
3. Vionnet Cuff
4. Falke Knee High Socks
5. Topshop Oversized Grey Jumper
6. Michael Kors Mini Short
7. Alice + Olivia Striped Skirt

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