Best of the Blogs #2

I'm quite enjoying sharing a weekly round-up of my favourite blog posts. There is so much out there that I find it quite a fun challenge to try and edit it all down to my top three picks! I hope it's introducing you to a few new sites, but I'd be keen to hear your feedback: do you like the round-up, or have you seen most of it already? Oh, and any other suggestions you have for the type of posts you'd like to see are very welcome!

So, here goes:

Chic Storage: I am living for Susie Lau's new boutique-esque wardrobes over on Style Bubble. I have been lusting after this Ikea series for ever, but have always been discouraged by the prospect of pesky moths munching on my favourite threads. It looks so fabulous that I may just have to throw caution to the wind and convert our spare bedroom into my very own walk-in.

The Seasonal Lust List: This time of year always sees me getting very excited at the prospect of shopping for an Autumn/Winter wardrobe, as this is my absolute favourite time of year when it comes to style. However, it's also a time to get excited about make up: like you didn't know already! As the colour palette for clothes becomes a little darker and more sophisticated, I like to play with my make up and go for shades with a little more drama. Other than knowing that I want a berry lipstick, I haven't really thought much about my winter make up lusts, but have been inspired to do so by Marina at Makeup4all. Any excuse, really!

The 'Back to Basics' Routine: Fee at Makeup Savvy is giving up all of her usual skincare products and exploring whether those bathroom basics, soap and water, will give her great skin. I'm very intrigued and a little alarmed at the prospect that her results may render our skincare routines obsolete! Stay tuned to find out!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday, whatever you're doing!


  1. no no no love this series of weekly blogposts...as there are so many great blogs out there that can be missed.

    Also thanks for mentioning my blog and also my experiment. It's only day 3 however my skin is less oily around my nose and my spots are drying up! So it's looking promising even though I do have a long way to go.

    Fee x

  2. Oooh, glad to hear it's going well! My skin has improved so much since I reintroduced toner to my routine but I am loving your experiment. Hope it continues to go well: keep us posted!

    And I'm pleased the edited selection is working - it's helping me focus on my already extensive blog reading list!



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