Beauty: Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara and 3-Way Liner

Has anyone else been obsessing about three-dot liners, yet finding themselves unable to justify the Clarins investment? I mean, can't we make do with a bit of eyeshadow underneath our eyes or a bit of smudgy kohl? Do we really need an eyeliner that fills in the gaps at the base of our lashes?

Yes. Yes we do.

After reading a few reviews of the Clarins and Bourjois products, and contemplated why I was so late to the party, I emerged from the tube and walked zombie-like into Boots. I wasn't thinking especially clearly, I was just compelled to buy. The Bourjois one was nowhere to be seen. A little dejected that an investment in something that I was pretty sure I didn't really need but had to have was required, I walked back toward the door and the Clarins counter when something caught my eye. I needed to repurchase the Seventeen  BB cream (now with SPF 25 - well done, that brand!) and there in front of me was a three dot liner, free with purchase of Seventeen's new Doll'd Up mascara. I don't need mascara. I never need mascara. Did I care? No way. Nothing would stand between me and my three dot liner. Off I went to the till and the rest is happy history.

Firstly, Seventeen have been extremely canny here. There is huge hype surrounding these liners, and yet this one is currently only available when purchased with the mascara. Would I ever have considered buying a Seventeen mascara? Not a chance. Rimmel and Maybelline launch something new and I'm all over it, yet a Seventeen launch would easily pass me by. Also, note that I'm writing Seventeen rather than 17. A stealthy re-branding has been happening over the past year and the culmination is some pretty covetable and accessible products. It's a lot more than can be said of when I was a teenager! (Blue eyeshadow and orange foundation, anyone?)

So, what do I think of them? The three-dot liner is, without doubt, one of the greatest makeup inventions of my lifetime (I don't overestimate, I promise!) Dotted along the lashline, it gives subtle definition, but that definition is so perfect in its subtlety that it's somewhere close to mind-boggling. Why hasn't this been thought of before? Full on black eyeliner seems too harsh for the day (apologies to the sisters Middleton) but these dots makes eyes look wide awake and perfectly made up. It's also entirely fool proof, and having applied on a bumpy tube, I still emerged with it looking perfect. How many of us could say the same for our favourite gel or liquid liners? And it lasts all day. Please, don't anybody wake me up from this eyeliner dream. Oh, you can also draw lines with it, but if you ask me, all you need is dots.

And the mascara? Colour me surprised (and colour my lashes a lovely black!). I have recently consigned an Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme to my 'maybe I'll use this again one day but probably never will' drawer due to it's propensity to clump and a new Clinique mascara that looked great on my Mum is sadly lacking for me. Doll'd Up? I've worn it every day since I got it. It's a fantastic daytime mascara - lashes are lengthened, gently curled, and you can build it up without it clumping. I'd want a little more drama for night, but this is perfect for daytime, and you know, I wouldn't hesitate to try whatever they put out next.

Finally, a plea. Seventeen: whatever you do, make the Doll'd Up 3-way liner a part of your range. Let us buy it for years to come. And moreover, keep doing what you're doing. It's fantastic.

Doll'd Up is available now in Boots for £6.29 with the 3-way liner free with purchase. Now you've finished reading, go forth and buy!

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  1. Wow you've achieved something i never thought possible.... I am now desperate to get my hands on a 17/Seventeen item!

    1. It's completely unexpected, isn't it! Give the BB cream a try while you're there: it's another must have of mine x

  2. Thx for the tip - seem i'll have to do a proper explore of that aisle i normally ignore!

  3. I use seventeen a lot and the new cc cream is out of this world plus the new pink lip crayon. Love love love


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