Workspace: Personalised Address Stamp

Living in London when so many of my friends and all my family are back in Manchester means that staying in touch becomes even more important. Receiving christmas cards always makes me realise how nice it is to get something in the post other than bills and junk mail, so I'm going to treat myself to one of these personalised address stamps and some lovely stationery so there's never an excuse not to write when I think of a friend. Texting may be quick, but with something so beautiful, the lost-art of letter writing could be on it's way to a comeback.

Stamp available here for £12.61


  1. Oh this is so cute. I love a good letter! I might actually write a few to my family (near Manchester) and see what they say :)

  2. My family are up near Manchester, too. The postmen will be wondering where all these fancy letters are coming from :) xxx


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