Interiors: Kooky Display Cloche Ideas

For a while I've been desperate to get my hands on some display cloches and always think that the weirder the contents are, the better the effect. I have a big square shelving unit from Ikea to fill with books and some other interesting pieces as part of my reading nook project and I think a few cloches would make a really fun display.

I'd love to rig up my sunglasses like this but I'm sure I'd just end up with lots of empty jars!
Image from http://pinterest.com/Optigirls/
Part of me also wants to curate strange little scenes under a cloche, and I was browsing on Etsy for a little brass deer figurine for a woodland idea and came across the weirdest thing which I now think I have to have!

Isn't it bizarre?! This is marketed as a wedding cake topper and I found myself trying to imagine what kind of bride and groom would go for something like this on their cake! It's so odd that I can't stop looking at it and I can't decide if it's meant to be ironic (I hope so) but there's something about it that I think is so weirdly brilliant that it may find itself under a cloche on my shelves sometime soon!

If you've got the same weird taste as me, you can find the deer statue (and some even stranger ones!) here.


  1. I love the idea of these! Think it'd look fantastic with a row along a shelf with strange objects in.
    That deer figurine is....different. :)

    1. It's so weird, isn't it! I've still not bought it, which makes me think I probably shouldn't!

  2. Those deer people are a bit unqiue haha, I agree I can't stop looking at them, but I don't think I'd have them on top of my wedding cake



    1. I want to meet the people who do have them on their wedding cake! x

  3. I Love Your Blog :) it Just Perfect!

    1. Oh, what a sweet comment! You've made my day :)


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