Interiors: Home Fragrance - White Company Noir, Bahoma Jasmine and Cristal Review

Having a beautifully-scented home is a bit of an obsession of mine. Whether it's the fresh, post-Saturday cleaning smell when sheets have been changed, floors mopped and wood polished, the aroma of a particularly beautiful bath oil wafting along the hall after a hot bath, or a deliciously rich casserole in the winter, there will never be a moment when I'm not aware of the smell of my home.

My flat is decorated entirely in warm neutrals with dark wood and lots of soft lighting, so I like to alter the scents from room to room to create different moods. Writing this down, it seems quite mad, but it's something that gives me huge pleasure and makes my home feel like a luxurious sanctuary. I vary my use of candles, oils and diffusers depending on the time of year (candles in summer often seem a bit pointless as their soft glow is wasted on light evenings) and the following are a few of my favourites:

Bahoma, Cristal 

Cristal is currently in my hallway and provides a beautifully rich, spicy, chypre scent. A very seductive, sophisticated fragrance and the diffuser lasts an amazing six months.

The White Company, Noir

I can't describe this scent any better than The White Company do on their website so I'll hand over to them:

The ultimate scent to relax and revitalise body and mind. Glamorous, sensual Noir combines exotic amber and fresh, fruity mandarin with sophisticated oriental white orchid. Combining all the benefits of revitalising ginseng and stimulating green tea, these wonderfully relaxing and restorative treats will re-energise body and mind to promote a deep sense of wellbeing.

I've never found it difficult to spend time in a candlelit bath but the combination of the Noir bath oil and candle make me feel like I've been transported to a luxurious spa, and hour long baths have become a nightly experience. Possibly one of my most favourite fragrances, and it is just as relaxing as they describe.

Bahoma, Jasmine

Jasmine was my first Bahoma fragrance and is still very much loved. Given that I have an open-plan sitting and dining room, it's important not to have a scent that dominates. This provides the perfect gentle floral that is so delicate, it just blends perfectly to create a wonderfully relaxing environment.

What are your favourite home fragrances?

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