Wear It At Work: Statement Shoes

I've set up a new board over on Pinterest of some of my favourite office looks and the one thing I'm noticing is the abundance of amazing court shoes that I seem to be coveting! I tend to wear some black velvet slipper-style flats from Zara for commuting and change into my favourite black Max Mara courts when I get in. It's starting to feel like shoe-Groundhog day!

Slightly edited image from here
We had the first flickers of sunlight in London today, and it's got me thinking about summer shoes, and with a Zara voucher burning a hole in my pocket, I'm definitely investing in these gorgeous things. 

I know, they're still black, but they're just so beautiful. It may be another few months before we venture outside together (cold toes just aren't chic), but come the summer, and with a gorgeous pedicure, I can't wait to step out in these.

Shoes available for £49.99 here.


  1. I wear my crystal Topshop slippers for work and people always comment on them. Thanks for this post though, I spotted those shoes on the Zara website weeks ago but they sold out before I coukd buy them...looks like they're back! :-)

  2. Yay, glad to help! Still not bought them so I need to get in there before they all go again :)


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