Skincare: Luxtural Skin Care

Luxtural, Luxtural. Where do I begin?

I was lucky enough to attend an event with Luxtural's creator, Pnina Vilinsky, in autumn last year. After a one-to-one consultation with the former Sisley and Estee Lauder skincare maestro, I walked away with a bag containing the full Luxtural range and wearing a smile after Pnina guessed my age as 25 when I'm actually 30. Is there a better way to spend an hour after work?

Before I say anything else, the Luxtural range is expensive, the three products totaling £438. That said, I'm at the age where anti-ageing is at the top of my skincare concerns, and not being particularly pro-botox, any non-surgical option to hold back those first signs of ageing is something that I'm constantly on the look out for.

All that said, it's a lot of money, so my testing had to be rigorous. I started out using all three products - the Hydrating Rainy Mist, Silk Premonition moisturiser and Sophisticated Veil serum - and within a week, my skin felt like silk and was glowing. My morning skincare routine was transformed into a luxurious pampering session with the first spritz of the beautifully scented mist, and I love that the layering of these luxurious products has never felt like a routine activity but something to be savoured.

The products are so deeply hydrating, that after the first week and on Pnina's recommendation, I found that I didn't need to use them in the evening, so reverted to my usual night cream and just used Luxtural in the morning. After three weeks, I felt I finally had the beautiful skin I'd always wanted. At four weeks, I stopped using the products.

'Why?', you're probably wondering. Well, here I was, skin radiant with the kind of glow I don't think I'd ever seen, and I wanted to make darn sure that it was down to these products. If I'm going to face a lifetime of this kind of investment, I needed to be certain they were responsible! Sure enough, over the course of the next two weeks, I watched my skin get duller as that luminosity ebbed away. At the end of my self-imposed Luxtural ban, I leapt out of bed and made for the products. As soon as I breathed in the scent of the Rainy Mist, I knew the glow wasn't far away.

Pnina advised that some of her clients use just one or two of the products, but for me, using all three together has provided the best results. Beyond the quality of the products, the packaging looks and feels luxurious which is absolutely what you'd expect from the price point (and what some more expensive ranges don't deliver). I can't deny that it's a huge amount of money, but for those of you who are reaching that age and are thinking about making a serious investment in skincare, I can't recommend this more highly. Rather than botox and corrective treatments, treating your skin to deep hydration will keep it looking young and healthy and for me, will always be a much better investment. I know not everyone will be able to spend this kind of money, but if you are thinking about dabbling in the high end skincare market, this is an absolutely incredible place to start. I don't say this lightly, but this range has completely changed my skin, and I can't look back from here.

Luxtural is available from Fenwicks.

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