Travel: Hotel Daniel, Vienna

Although I haven't made any new year's resolutions, I want to start making better use of my holidays and visit some new destinations. Last year was incredibly busy, and I was stunned when I got to December, checked my calendar and realised that I still had ten days holiday left: shocking!

So, to remedy that, I'm going to start posting about some most beautiful hotels in the cities that are high on my 'to visit' list in the hope that it will inspire me to book some flights. First off, Vienna!

I came across the Hotel Daniel in Elle Decoration a few months ago and have been haunting their website ever since. Everyone I know who has been to Vienna says it's the most beautiful city, and this hotel looks like the perfect base from which to explore it.

Who wouldn't want a hammock in their bedroom?

Beautiful copper pot for afternoon kaffee und kuchen. Yum

.And if that wasn't good enough, they keep bees. How cool.

Rooms at the Daniel start from 92 Euro. Their gorgeous website can be found here.


  1. I so want to be there now rather than thinking about work tomorrow! x


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