Style: Mood boards

One of my favourite rainy day activities is to make a mood board: perhaps it's a hangover from craft hour as a child. I find nothing more soothing than combing through the stacks of magazines I have at home to clip and curate gorgeous images to help keep me inspired. 

The picture below is one I made before my 30th birthday in August when I felt I needed to make some kind of style declaration. Unsurprisingly, it's the same kind of theme I always go for: proof that we don't change that much despite our advancing years!

With so much choice out there and, for most of us, limited budgets, mood boards really help to keep your style focused and stop you going too far off piste with those occasional random pieces that have, at some point, found their way into all of our wardrobes (I'm thinking of the black and white striped blazer I bought a couple of years ago...) Whether it's for a special event or just a bit of a style makeover, they're the perfect way to work out what you really love.

I love using Pinterest as a starting point for building a new look or getting inspiration for an interiors project, but nothing will ever beat my Muji A4 pad for a bit of cutting and sticking action!

Do you make mood boards or are you inspired to start?

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  1. What a cute idea, might make one myself x

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  2. Definitely a great little project, especially now all the stores have their summer ranges in stock! x


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