Beauty: Brows

I have a bit of an obsession with eyebrows and two in particular...


Aren't they amazing? Cara Delevigne has been my eyebrow poster girl for many years now, but beyond getting some new ones transplanted (yep, they do that now - scary), I'd never really thought about changing my natural shape until I came across this Michelle Phan video and was stunned at just how easily her look was altered with just a few tweaks to her brow makeup. The first look in the video, The Audrey, is what I've been using the create Cara brows, and I'm delighted with the results! It's definitely what I'll be doing until I go back to get this done!

Which is your favourite look from the video?

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  1. Aa, I love Cara Delevigne!:) x


    1. Gorgeous *and* she gets all the Burberry she can dream of - very lucky! x


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