Style: Wear It At Work

Gah. Just as I was getting into a nice little routine of Monday and Thursday posting, my wifi decided to go crazy and without a stash of scheduled posts and no desire to faff about with the Blogger app, I find myself a post late. Bad!

We're into week two of #bantheblowdry and it's going pretty well. I can't say I'm in love with my hair at the moment, particularly as I'm on a silicone ban as well (more on that later this week) but I'm off for a trim later which will hopefully improve matters. All I'll say is that those of you who don't need to worry about blow drying/straightening your hair are very, very lucky indeed!

To try and detract from my average hair situation, I had a little splurge on asos, and with 25% off, who am I to say no? I need a few work wardrobe additions, and as I tend to favour dresses over separates, these gorgeous wrap dresses are the perfect thing to throw on in the morning: plenty of style with minimal effort.

Asos midi dress with chain belt, £38
Asos wrap front pencil dress, £32
 These leggings have the potential to be a total disaster on me, but I feel I need to give them a whirl. As I'm on a bit of a weight gain quest, my beloved leather skinnies are no longer a comfortable option (alas). I'm certain I'll invest in another pair when I've reached my target weight, but for now, I feel like something is missing. Hopefully this leather-look pair from Mango will bridge the gap without making my look like I'm wearing a bin liner.
Mango leather look leggings, £22.99
Finally, I love, love, love a pencil skirt, and this will be perfect with a cute sweater and some ankle boots at the weekend. The black dress above is basically something I'd be happy to live in, so casual outfits are always a bit of a struggle for me. My new approach is a slightly dressed down version of my preferred work attire. I just need this weather to warm up!
Asos stripe pencil skirt, £18


  1. Love everything you bought at ASOS Rachel! Blooming love the dresses :)

    1. Thanks sweetie. They're delivered tomorrow - just hoping they're asas nice as the pictures! Xxx

  2. I want the 3rd outfit. Its totally me:)
    Sara x

    1. I love that outfit too. Really hoping the leggings suit me! X


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