Review: Macadamia Natural Oil haircare

I'm sure none of you are in any doubt about how deep my haircare obsession runs. When you were born with the kind of hair that does what it likes, when it likes, you find that life becomes some sort of Lord of the Rings-style quest for the perfect product. Even when I find something amazing, like a certain hair oil, I still can't help but try other products in the hope that I'll one day be frolicking around in corn fields like the girl from the old Timotei ads...

So, it's with very great excitement that I proclaim Macadamia Natural Oil products the best shampoo, conditioner and treatments I've ever used. Yep, that's better than Pureology, better than Kerastase, better than Rahua (need I go on?). My hair is naturally pretty dry, and this gorgeous, fresh-scented, light yet ultra-nourishing range has left my hair sleek, glossy and with that shampoo-ad swish we all crave. It's not cheap (the shampoo is £15.45 and conditioner £17.99 from Clay & Blossom) but a little of these argan and macadamia oil elixirs go a long way: really worth the investment for those of you whose tresses need a little TLC.

If you're interested in trying Macadamia Natural Oil, The Beauty Hall will have an exclusive discount code for Clay & Blossom's website which will be live at 9am tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Small print: discount will be available to UK readers only and will be live from 9am tomorrow

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  1. i always look at this and was curious on it...may have to scoop some up my next shopping trip!



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