Offer: 10% off at Clay & Blossom *and* free postage!

Lovely readers, is this gruesome weather depressing you? Work a little intense? Your summer holiday over that bit too soon? Well, The Beauty Hall and Clay & Blossom want to get you smiling again with a very special treat! How about 10% off brands like Phtyo, Xen-Tan, Lierac and my new favourite hair obsession, Macadamia Natural Oil? Oh, and did I mention free standard postage? No? Well, there's free standard postage, too!

To get your hands on some of the most fabulous products around, head on over to Clay & Blossom, fill your basket to your heart's content, enter the code 'Beautyhall' in the 'Coupon' box (as per the image below), and we'll zap 10% off and send your goodies out for free. Aren't we lovely? So, go on: spoil yourselves. The code is valid on all products and all brands on Clay & Blossom's site, so there's no excuse not to! If your other half/bank manager asks you why you needed any more products when your enormous parcel arrives, just tells them about the discount and that it would make very poor financial sense not to have bought so much. Simple economics!

And if you're not already following them on Twitter, go and show them some love here!

Small print: Offer is open to UK residents only: sorry to those of you overseas! Promotion closes on 4th August. This is an exclusive offer for readers of The Beauty Hall so please don't re-post or advertise the code through any other channel. If you'd like to advertise this offer, please do so by linking back to this post. Any questions about advertising, drop me an email.

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