Inspiration: Lindsey Wixson

I can't believe it was July when I last posted. Bad!

I'm looking out of the window at a beautiful, crisp autumn day, and my thoughts are very much fixed on crunching through golden leaves in the park and making the most of what's left of the weekend. I go on holiday on Wednesday, and despite my love of cool, bright autumn days, I must confess that the lure of 80 degree heat is not lost on me.

I'll be jetting off with the obligatory stack of fashion magazines, as the heat wave we experienced last week has pushed my winter wardrobe shopping back as late as it's ever been. I'm certainly not the type who can ever be motivated to haul on a heavy coat when the weather outside is sunglasses and sandals-worthy. And that's where Ms Wixson comes in. There is no way in hell I'll manage to look as cute as this throughout the rainy, cold British winter, but it's certainly what I'm aspiring to. Her makeup is utterly stunning, the clothes chic yet with an adorable quirky twist. Love, love, love.

Image courtesy of hanneli.com

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