Haircare: 30 day hair challenge day #3 - Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment

What is it: A 10-30 minute conditioning treatment, this is the third product in the Liz Earle Haircare range.

Price point: £14 for a 150ml tube, this comes in much cheaper than salon competitors. Regular readers already know this is going to be a rave review, so I’d say it’s damn good value.

USP: It’s a hair treatment by Liz Earle. Basically, they had me at ‘hello’.

Would I recommend it: It’s the same old story with me and Liz: I just can’t find a bad word to say about any of their products. You need a relatively small amount, you leave it for a while, you wash it out, and you find that somehow, and without you noticing, someone has neatly grafted Giselle’s hair onto your scalp. Beyond this, the entire Liz Earle line just strikes the perfect pitch – natural, ethical, innovative and then there’s the shopping  experience: fabulous staff, beautiful packaging (don’t get me started on the perfectly wrapped mail order products – it’s like shopping origami) and now with a loyalty scheme, I really wouldn’t mind if I was never allowed to shop anywhere else.

Would I repurchase: Given that I have repurchased every single product I’ve ever bought from Liz Earle, the answer is a very predictable, yet no less emphatic ‘YES!’ 

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