Review: 30 day hair challenge day #2 - John Frieda Three Day Straight

Ok, this is the second post in my 'month of happy hair' blog challenge. I wonder if I'll make it to 30...?

What is it: Three Day Straight is a spray-in straightening product that’s used when hair is still wet. It works in the same way as Brazilian blow dries, using straightening irons to seal in the treatment, allowing three days of straight hair-wear.

Price point: Cheap. £6.99 for a decent sized bottle. The product also acts as a heat protectant meaning you don’t need to double up on that.

USP: It’s an accessible way of getting sleek hair without the hefty salon price tag for a Brazilian blow dry or the hassle of an at-home treatment.

Would I recommend it: Yes, I’m in love with it! I’ve been contemplating trying to manage without my Brazilian blow dry treatments and after three weeks of use, I’m really impressed with this. I have to confess that I’m not always using straightening irons as I had previously only used them very infrequently in my quest for healthier locks, but the effect has been a natural looking blow dry that I can now style with some curl whilst maintaining sleek hair. It’s not quite Kate Middleton, but it’s the closest I’ll get, and I like it!

My long-ish, thick hair takes around fifteen spritzes of the product, which is combed through clean, towel dried hair. The resulting blow dry is incredibly simple, and if it’s followed with straightening irons, the finishing look is glossy and sleek. I have left it three days without washing and with a bit of a Batiste refresh, the style looks perfect.

Would I repurchase: Absolutely. I’d especially recommend this for those of you with thick, dry hair who are aiming to limit the amount of heat styling to improve your hair’s health. The product is a complete winner.

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