Review: Mavala Cuticle Remover

Wow: cuticle remover. I bet you can barely contain your excitement at this one. Let me tell you: it's no understatement when I say that this product is going to change my life. And change it in a good way!

Readers, whilst recognising the problem that is an untamed cuticle (they're the number one friend of the hangnail, if you're wondering), I absolutely hate having them removed. God knows what I think will happen. I just don't like it. Nails down a blackboard? Barely notice. Cotton wool between the teeth? Not bothered (and who actually does that, anyway?) Cuticle removal? WINCE.

During every manicure I've ever had, I'm in an acetone-scented heaven up until the cuticle-ectomy, at which point, I'm fidgeting and fussing and hoping it's over quickly (it never is, given that I put off manicures for so long because I hate the removal!) Just thinking about it now makes my toes curl. Something about the pushing, scraping and occasional snipping just feels wrong to me. The manicurist is always too firm, and I end up looking away, humming, chomping my cuticle-stress chewing gum too hard and generally seeking all distractions until the task is complete.

So it was that today I happily stumbled across Mavala's Cuticle Remover. In one minute, it softens and lifts the cuticle, and all that's needed is a very quick push along the cuticle with a manicure stick to remove the dead skin. No shoving, no scraping, no muss, no fuss. For the bargain price of £5.60, I get to live a cuticle-free life, and need never see a manicurist wielding one of those horrid metal scraper-thingamies at me again. Life is bloody great sometimes *sigh*

The instructions recommend doing this once a week to achieve a perfect at-home mani, meaning that a trip to the salon may now be for relaxation purposes only. Who knew?!

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