Style: The Friday Edit - Whistles

The second Friday Edit has come around very quickly and I've been sitting happily browsing, post-run and feeling like my longest distance ever deserves a bit of a splurge. And where better to browse than one of my very favourite stores, Whistles? 

They have the perfect blend of impeccably tailored, classic pieces, but always with a little Left Bank-chic twist. Whistles don't slavishly follow catwalk trends: they're about style, and I love that. Their pieces work equally well for work and downtime, and as soon as I've written this, that dress is going straight in my shopping basket. Happy Friday to me!

Bella Animal print dress, £120 (reduced from £150)

 Charlie blue skinnies, £80

Dotty yellow tweed skirt, £95

Mesh stripe top, £55
 Noemie shoes, £125

Erin leather jacket, £350

Apologies for yet another leather jacket. It's ridiculous as I don't even own one (nature's way of telling me to invest, perhaps?) I promise to source something cheaper/more seasonal next week!

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