Style: A Cute Top, Skull-studded Ballerinas and a Pearl Ring

I love it when I have lots to write about and the time to write about them. There is nothing better than typing away, scheduling posts for the next few days, and generally feeling like maybe you're not as crap at this blogging lark as you suspect you might be *contented sigh*

So, what have I been buying? It's fair to say I've been on a serious purchasing sabbatical of late, and I can't quite pinpoint the reasons why. I've been trying to be less frivolous with money, and combined with what's seemed like a total lack of time, getting back into the shopping groove has proved challenging. All this changed when Mum took me shopping this weekend and insisted on helping me rediscover my mojo. Here are a few of my favourite new things:

I'm obsessed with skulls, and after I featured these Zara pumps in my 'Must Haves', well, I had to have them!

My birthday is fast approaching, and this gorgeous grey pearl ring from Links of London will mark the occasion. Hurry up, 17 August, and then I can wear it!

And finally, this adorable 'Little White Tank' from H&M (worn today for work with a little black pencil skirt!)

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