Eat: Things I ate in London in May

Few things make me happier than a delicious meal, and eating out is one of my favourite treats. I've spent forever thinking about writing my own little London guide, but perhaps even better is just showing you the yummy things I've eaten recently, tell you where I ate them, and then you can decide if you want to go there, too! 

Smoked salmon and caviar blinis at Selfridges, Oxford Street

               Lobster, chips and lemon and herb butter from Burger & Lobster in Mayfair...for the bargain price of £20!

The Burger  Lobster lobster roll, also £20. Delish!

Chateaubriand, chips, bone marrow and toast, anchovy butter, mushrooms and spinach at Hawksmoor Spitalfields


  1. Ah smoked salmon is my favourite!


    1. Me too, and those blinis are so delicious! X


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