Style: The Friday Edit - Zara

This is a very quick post, and I really had to limit myself on choices as I could happily buy everything from Zara. Their clothes make up about 50% of my wardrobe, and they're my go to for sleekly tailored office wear. I've had to break my own rules so that I can include two pairs of shoes, but hey, boots and sandals are basically the complete opposite of one another :)

What has this week's Edit taught me? That after months of disappointed searching, there really is a perfect ankle boot for everyone. *Click* *click* *enters card details*

Pearl collar shirt, £29.99

Elasticated hem trousers, £39.99

Snakeskin strap sandals, £49.99

Floral print blazer, £59.99

Camel ankle boots, £59.99

Lace dress, £69.99

Fringe skirt, £59.99

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