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"Welcome to Estee Lauder. How can I help you?"

You may be shocked to learn that this is not a fully functioning Estee Lauder beauty counter, but in fact, my dressing table. 'What are the small pots at the front?' you ask. Why, they're the trial sizes acquired in a gift with two or more products ('one to be skincare', trills the assistant). 'And what are the two products still packaged in their boxes at the back?' you wonder. Well, they are the two or more products (one to be skincare!) purchased to acquire aforementioned mini pots.

I love Estee Lauder. Love. My Mum loves Estee Lauder, too. I don't think anyone who knows her would argue that she has the skin of someone 10-15 years younger than her, and there has really been no greater advert for EL than her. Mama's years of EL gift purchasing - we enjoy the same joke every time we see it's gift time. Mum: 'Oooh, I need a bag...!' Note: it's funny because she needs anything but a bag - has meant I've been dipping into pots for years, but without any regularity. Recently, it got serious.

Anyway, I'm 29 - 30 in two months - and earlier this year, I started to notice those first little signs of ageing. Nothing major, but a change, and one that wasn't especially exciting. Today, I look at my skin and think it's the best it's looked in years. In part down to this groaning dressing table? I think so*.

By far the standout products in the range for me are Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex (back row, second from left, from £41) and Time Zone Night (middle row, second from left, £52). A high performing night cream is something I've been searching for for a long time, and part of me wonders if I've been looking for something transformative when my skin hasn't really needed it. Now, on the cusp of being a proper grown up, I seem to have found exactly what my skin needs. Hurrah!

So, what exactly am I using, and what would I recommend for you late twenties/early thirties girls in need of a bit of a boost? Day Wear (middle row, far left, £37) comes in normal/combination, dry, and oil-free and for me, is the perfect base. I use the dry skin moisturiser, and find it leaves my skin soft and glowy: just what I'm looking for. When my skin needs an extra moisture boost, I coat it in Triple Creme Skin Rehydrator (back row, far left, £28), leave for 20 minutes or overnight if I need a treat, and it's removed to reveal gorgeous, peachy skin. Eye creams are on the far left and right of the front row (Resilience Lift on the far left, £40 and Advanced Night Repair Eye on the far right, £36) and are by far the best I've used.

Written down, this seems like an awful lot of money for skincare, but for me, I would much rather invest my money in high quality skin and haircare products than I would into a new outfit for a night out that I'll never wear again. When I'm 40, 50 and beyond, I want to know that I can throw on something classic and stylish, and for my skin to glow with health and to look as naturally youthful as possible.

For those of you from 45-50 onwards, my Mum has been a devotee of Re-Nutriv, and the quality of the product shows in the almost time-halting effect it's had on her skin. Of course, a good diet and healthy living are key, but good skincare will help hold off the effects of advancing years.

Alongside the fantastic skincare is a great makeup line, so it's worth trying a skincare and a makeup product (Sumptuous mascara, the lash primer and eyebrow pencil are favourites of mine) when there's a gift promotion so you can try a few more products. Once you hit 28/29, EL is my number one recommendation to keep that youthful glow for another few years!

Are you a Lauder fan? What are your 'can't live without' skincare products?

*And possibly also down to the heterosexual male friend and colleague who advised that, despite my conviction that my skin was combination, it was in fact, quite dry. Nothing that more moisturiser and a reluctant admission of useless beauty blogger credentials can't solve. Possibly.

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  1. Thank you for this! I've been using Clarins skincare for years and having been thinking of switching to Estee Lauder, I think you may have just convinced me! x


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